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Code Of Ethics

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1.     This Code of Ethics for athletic officials has been developed to protect and promote the best interest of interscholastic athletics and the officiating profession.  Its primary purpose is to clarify and distinguish ethical and approved professional practices from those that are detrimental and harmful.

2.     I will study the rules, observe the work of other officials, and will, at all times, attempt to improve myself.

3.     I will endeavor to keep my body in sound physical condition.  I will have regular physical examinations to assure myself and my associates of my physical capabilities.

4.     I will remember that while my work as an official is important, I must conduct myself in such a way that attention is drawn, not to me, but to the boys and girls playing the game.  I will keep in mind that the game is more important than the wishes of any individual player or the ambitions of any individual official.

5.     I will dress and maintain my appearance in a manner befitting the dignity and importance of my profession.

6.     I will shape my character and conduct so as to be a worthy example to the boys and girls who play under my jurisdiction.

7.     I will be fair and unbiased in my decision, rendering them without regard to the score.

8.     I will give my complete cooperation to the schools, which I serve, the officials’ association of which I am a member and to the South Carolina High School League.

9.     I will cooperate with my fellow officials and will do nothing to cause them public embarrassment.

10.   I will, in my actions on the floor or field, be firm but not overbearing; courteous, but not ingratiating; positive, but never rude; dignified, but never "cocky"; friendly, but not companionable; calm, but always alert.

11.   I will not officiate a game after having any alcoholic drink that day.

12.   I will not approach coaches or athletic directors, personally or by mail, relative to assignments or ratings.

13.   I will not make a request to officiate a specific game or games for any coach, school or conference.

14.   I will not criticize or attempt to explain a fellow officials' judgment or decision.

15.   I will honor all contracts in spite of possible inconvenience or financial loss.


As an approved South Carolina High School League official, it is hereby agreed, stipulated and understood that my employment as a high school league official is that of an independent contractor and not as an employee of the South Carolina High School Officials Association, South Carolina High School League or of the school districts or high schools competing in an interscholastic athletic competition event.


It is further stipulated and agreed that the consideration for each game officiated will be negotiated by a contract price for officiating a single contest according to the applicable rules governing the inter-scholastic competition for which I have agreed to officiate. I understand that the contract price for officiating each contest will vary from contest to contest and sport to sport.


I hereby agree to officiate the interscholastic competition according to the applicable federation rulebook, as well as any appropriate state adoptions.


I hereby release the South Carolina High School League, the South Carolina Officials Association and the participating school districts from all claims which I might have, except for this release, have or hereafter may have, and from any liability whether imposed by common law or statue or under the South Carolina laws of workers' compensation on account of any accident which may occur and/or injury which I may sustain in the course of carrying out my responsibilities as stated above.


It is further agreed that I am assuming all the risks of this undertaking and that I am acting as an independent contractor.


It is further stipulated and agreed that my compensation is based upon a lump sum fee for a single competitive event and that no withholdings of these funds are made by the payer.


I understand and agree that either school retains the authority not to employ my services.


I understand and agree that the booking office will make my assignments according to the rules pertaining to booking officials.  I agree to uphold and observe the Constitution, By-laws and booking regulations of the South Carolina Officials Association.


I understand that my application is acknowledgment that any and all disputes are subject to arbitration.


I believe that interscholastic athletics is an integral part of our secondary school program and that good officiating promotes enjoyment of these athletic contests as well as protection to the participants.  Because I want to render a service to the youth of South Carolina and progressively improve and elevate officiating standards in South Carolina, I agree to abide by the above Code of Ethics.


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